The World of Music is Changing. Is the Dawn of True Independence Now?

Let me start by saying that I have spent the past 4 months establishing a record label, writing & recording more than 20 songs, and launching a legitimate music careeer. In the process I've managed to teach myself a good amount of sound engineering, enough such that I now record and produce my music from my home studio. Sounds cool & probably pretty expensive, right? What if I told you I accomplished all of this on a budget that a middle school child could probably afford. Turns out making music is an incredibly inexpensive hobby these days.

My musical escapades - in conjunction with Kanye's twitter rants - also led me to explore the music business itself. I must agree with Kanye that there does seem to be a ton of moving pieces, and I actually sympothize for Ye. Unlike myself, he did not have the internet on his side in the beginning. Thanks to all the free information on the internet, and YouTube University of course, I taught myself everything I needed to know in a matter of months. Combining what I've learned with a bit of business savvy, and I actually feel pretty comfortable negotiating deals. While I have been unable to land ideal terms thus far, I have already been able to discuss both production & imprint deals with established independent labels and studios. I guess the point that I'm making here is that because there is so much avaialable information about this industry, I was able to identify what success looks like and aim specifically for that. In the meantime I'm free to create and sustatin my music career at whatever pace I see fit because remember, making tasteful music is realtively cheap these days. Another advantage of the internet to independent artist is the ability to show up on every music platform as artists from major labels. Thanks to digital music distributors like Tunecore, United Masters, CD Baby anyone with about $60 laying around can afford to distribute music. I can create as I learn, and no need to wait on any help with running my business.

In just 4 short months I realized that its relatively inexpensive to make & distribute music, information is free & more available than ever, and a bit of determination can take you a long way. So dont stop!