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Where It All Began

Majic was introduced to music when his mother gifted him a keyboard for Christmas many years ago. At that time he was about 7 years old and began learning to play piano by ear. While attending elementary school Majic was able to hone in on his piano skills by using music class as an opportunity for unsolicited lessons from the school's music teacher. Also, Majic eventually learned to play multiple brass instruments and drums when he joined the band in the 5th grade. 

It wasn't long before Majic and one of his brothers, WiKid discovered their musical abilities and began performing live at an afterschool daycare. At that time, singing was Majic's choice of expression. It wasn't until age 15 when Majic decided to try his hand at rapping. Fast forward to today and Majic has become one of the greatest wordsmiths this world has ever known. But don't take our word for it, just listen for yourself! 

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